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Monday 31 October 2005

I received an email last Wednesday from Bill of Minnesota, US suggesting that a loose handlebar control may be remedied by Heli-Coiling the original screw thread. Thanks Bill! The suggestion has been added to the What can I do about the Handlebar Controls loosening? section of the FAQs page.

Jos from The Netherlands has sent me a link to his Dutch website which advertises some tyres and inner tubes for the VeloSoleX.


Sunday 9 October 2005

A bright sunny afternoon here in London!

I am just in the process of finishing a new and different section to the site that should be in place soon. Now that the autumn months are upon us and winter approaching all too soon, it may make an interesting, optional diversion to those who might like to find out a little more about the enigmatic Weronika. You may have turned the handle of a door that she herself had just turned a moment before you. You may have glanced at her from the window of a coach without realising it. You may even have passed her while riding your VeloSoleX through some leaves on the street. Anyway, the first clue as to her identity will appear on the home page at the end of this month...

Well for now, have a good Sunday. Oh, while I remember: I have moved the Torque Settings page to the Data section. I think it is better placed there.


Monday 3 October 2005

JUST a quick update for now as I am in the middle of the refurbishment of the Emporium which I must say, is rather badly overdue.

Jean-Claude of Compiegne, France has sent me the French TF1 Channel TV Report of 30 September 2005 about the e-SOLEX on Stand 476 at the Salon International de la Moto (Motorcycle) which takes place on 1 - 9 October 2005 of the Parc des Expositions at Porte de Versailles, 75015, Paris, France.

Together with the Salon International du Cycle (Bicycle) on 1 - 4 October 2005 they form the annual Mondial du Deux Roues (Paris International Two-Wheel) show. Around half a million visitors and more than 2000 journalists from some 44 countries attend the show.

Brian from New York City, US has asked about testing the condenser so I have added How do I test the Condenser? to the FAQs page. I cannot recommend the mains-powered Condenser Test circuit of Dempsey Moped Repair (Chapter 5) since here in Europe the higher voltage of 220V / 240V is more than enough to kill anyone who accidentally touches the mains-power side of the circuit with both hands. Even if the circuit is used with care, there is the likelihood of getting an electric shock when removing the charged-up condenser from the circuit. I may look into designing a very simple battery-powered one in the future though which will give an indication of high voltage handling and correct capacitance.

I have also updated the History page with the details of the new Electric-Powered e-SOLEX.


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