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Thursday 5 January 2006

I'VE updated the Events page with map links for those who wish to plan an itinerary for the 60 YEARS OF THE VELOSOLEX event. Jean-Claude from Compiegne, France has kindly pointed that there is FREE Camping at the Stade Municipal d'Allonne (Sports Stadium of Allonne) for those attending the two-day International Meeting.

Andrew from the UK has suggested that one can take a trailer if coming from the UK or even fit a bike carrier on the rear of a car, although I'm sure there will be those who will wish to ride there! Brian from the US will, of course, require water-skis fitted to his VeloSoleX...(;-)

As for me, I'm not sure how I will be going yet as I may be taking a holiday down the South of France for a few more days afterwards. For those intending to take their VeloSoleX over, don't forget to use the old Solvol Autosol chrome polish for those rusty wheel rims!

Many thanks goes to Jeff Matthews, Brian and all the others at Velocruz who did a great bit on my website in the November 2005 issue of the Solex Newsletter. Thanks again to everyone concerned! For all English-speaking Solexistes who are after an English Solex Repair Manual, I believe that Jeff may be able to supply you with one if you contact him at . I have also been informed that Jeff is a big supplier of VeloSoleX S 3800 parts for shipping to all countries of the world and specializes in Hungarian Cyklopress K.F.T. S 3800 parts which are often considered to be the closest to the original French parts that were made in the Saint Quentin factory in the 1980's.


Monday 2 January 2006

I received an email yesterday from my friend Jean-Claude from Compiegne, France who hosts the excellent Solex Millenium website on details of the "60 YEARS OF THE VELOSOLEX" event in the Hotel du Departement du Conseil General de l'Oise at 1 Rue Cambry, 60000, Beauvais, France which begins with the month-long Solex Exposition from 4 May 2006 and finishing with the international gathering of Solexistes from around the world on 3 & 4 June 2006.

I have updated my Events page with some tourism links and direction maps for those wishing to go. Andrew from the UK is sure to go, as he has just emailed me to that effect! I hope to be going too on Saturday 3 June 2006 and I'll be looking out for familiar faces from around the world. As for me, I am sure no one will have difficulty recognizing me...!


Sunday 1 January 2006

A snowy new 2006 year to all Solexistes! Here in London, UK, this morning, it's about 8C and dry. The sweeping snowstorms, vicious snow blizzards and traffic chaos disaster predicted to rage uncompromisingly across the country is, erm... apparently absent this early first morning of 2006, here in London. But I do feel a spot of rain coming on. Ah yes, it's all coming back to me now - the dark grey clouds and drizzle of London - and if I'm not mistaken, that must be Sherlock Holmes on the foggy side of the street smoking his pipe under that old Victorian lamp-post... which reminds me - where shall I go for my Summer holidays this year?

A-ha, my sense of humour! Of course, there are many undiscovered places to visit in London, preferably on the VeloSoleX. Off the beaten track and away from the tourist trail is the free Sir John Soane's Museum at 13 Lincoln's Inn Fields near Holborn. Another interesting place to visit (5.00+ entry) is Dennis Severs' House at 18 Folgate Street, Spitalfields. The Victoria & Albert Museum at Cromwell Road, South Kensington is always worth a visit with its changing exhibitions (mostly free) and is quite empty on Wednesday evenings (closes at 22.00 hours) as well as on the last Friday night of the month. During the holiday period it is, of course, busier.

Regarding the VeloSoleX, while it was a quiet December on the News front, WERONIKA'S VELOSOLEX still managed to receive 6754 Page Loads and 782 First Time Visitors, one of whom was John in the UK who emailed me for information concerning the availability of VeloSoleX S 3800 spares in the UK and I have to admit that there is a limited choice here compared to France or the US.

I did suggest to John to change the condenser to a 0.22uF 1000V DC (500V AC) Metallised Polypropylene Film Non-Polarised Capacitor (RG24B from Maplin Electronics, see which can be fitted inside the housing of the old condenser.

One of the two capacitor wires should wrap back into a small split made into the side of the housing as a ground connection and the other capacitor wire soldered to the original screw terminal before sealing the whole thing with high-temperature epoxy resin (see photo on This quality capacitor should last for the lifetime of the VeloSoleX S 3800, unlike the original condenser which was very prone to breaking down.

I also mentioned to John that the original foam Air Filter could profitably be replaced with some modern air filter material (such as A91BH from Maplin Electronics, see which can be cut round to fit. Otherwise, the filter material from an S&B or K&N type air filter could be used as seen on the Air Filter page.

An NGK BP5HS spark plug suitable for the VeloSoleX S 3800 can be obtained from any good motor factors such as:

A 6V 15W (type P26S) Headlight Bulb (as LB070) and a 6V 10W (type BA15S) Rear Bulb (as LB010) appears to be available in the UK from XS Parts (

I had an email from Keith in the UK who tells me he was pleased to order and receive parts satisfactorily from Marc Deschamps' website Le Solex.

Also, I had an email from Harold & Linda of California, US who were after a Magneto Rotor for a VeloSoleX 5000. I directed them to Jeff Matthew's website at who hopefully was able to supply them.

Ian has emailed me asking whether the Exhaust Silencer and Air Filter modifications detailed on my website can be done on an S 2200 from 1962. There are a number of differences between the S 2200 and the S 3800 (revised crankcase, cylinder, carburettor, fuel pump, etc) so it is not always easy to predict the results but the Air Filter Housing is similar. If anyone has carried out engine improvements on the S 2200 successfully and is willing to share the details, please drop me an email and I will put the information up on the website for other Solexistes.

Well, that's about it for now. So until the next time, happy Solexing and have a great new year in 2006!


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