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Saturday 3 December 2005

I received an email from Alfred of Strasbourg saying that he recently obtained a French 1962 VeloSoleX S 2200 and intends to restore it. Alfred used to ride a VeloSoleX to work when he was younger and now wishes to enjoy those days once more now that he is retired.

Jean-Claude from Solex Millenium has emailed me about the Friends Mapper website. Anyone can add themselves to it and if desired, add an address, photo or comments. At the moment there are three VeloSoleX groups to choose from:

Jean and Katarina made a short VeloSoleX voyage to Alsace in France at the end of October to visit some friends and also to visit the marvellous Cyclomotor Museum of Bernadette and Guy Maurice. As a result, Jean has written a brief report of his visit in German and posted some photos at


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