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Thursday 10 November 2005

IT was brought to my attention by Bill of Minnesota, US that the Firefox browser has difficulty with the Javascripts that run from the Submit Answer button. As a temporary solution, I have taken off the Document Type Definitions from the beginning of each web page which now allows the user's browser to determine the results. The site now works satisfactorily with:

  • Internet Explorer 4+ (With sound)
  • Netscape 8.0.4 & Firefox 1.0.7 (With sound for Windows XP / 2000 if using the Apple QuickTime 7 plug-in)
  • Opera 8.5 (With sound)

Netscape Communicator 4.8 has major difficulties in rendering the site and is thus not recommended as a browser. Konqueror, Safari, Omniweb, Icab, AOL and MacIE have not yet been tested.

In Internet Explorer 4+ make sure the following is selected:

  • Tools
  • Internet Options...
  • Security
    • Custom Level...
      • Active scripting  Enable
  • Advanced
    • Play animations in web pages  Ticked
    • Play sounds in web pages  Ticked
    • Show pictures  Ticked


In Netscape 8.0.4 make sure the following is selected:

  • View
  • Rendering Engine
    • Display Page Like Internet Explorer  Ticked


In Firefox 1.0.7 make sure the following is selected:

  • Tools
  • Options...
  • Web Features
    • Load Images  Ticked
    • Enable Javascript  Ticked
    • Advanced...
      • Move or resize existing windows  Ticked
      • Change images  Ticked


In Opera 8.5 make sure the following is selected:

  • Tools
  • Preferences...
    • Web Pages
      • Images  Show images
    • Advanced - Browsing
      • New pages  Always maximize
      • Show scroll bars  Ticked
      • Smooth scrolling  Ticked
      • Show tool tips  Ticked
    • Advanced - Content
      • GIF animation  Ticked
      • Enable sound in Web pages  Ticked
      • Enable JavaScript  Ticked
      • Enable plug-ins  Ticked

The sound in Weronika's Game does give it the right mood but is not essential. I will add more levels in the future. To make sure that I am not making it too easy for anyone, the later levels will get more difficult!


Wednesday 2 November 2005

WELL, it's starting to get colder here in London with temperatures expected to drop to 8C by tomorrow night. But that hasn't deterred Andrew of East London, UK who rides his restored French 1966 VeloSoleX S 3800 out into the forests of Epping! You might even see him one Sunday afternoon if you pass by Bert Miller's Tea Hut near the Robin Hood roundabout at High Beach, Epping Forest! Andrew has managed to register his machine for the UK and would like now to meet up with other VeloSoleX riders in the East London / Essex area for rides out. I know that there are a few Solexistes among you situated in central London but even if you can't get out, how about dropping me a line so that I can pass your email address on to Andrew who I'm sure would be more than pleased to exchange some emails.

Joel Levine from Atlanta, GeorgiaUS has dropped me a line asking whether anyone knows any more information about the new US registration requirements for any 2-Stroke mopeds entering the country from 1 January 2006. If anyone has any more info or web-links, please send them to me and I can add them here for the benefit of other Solexistes in the US. I believe something similar is going to happen over here in the UK. I will have to do a bit of research. One link I have received so far is

I have been informed by one reader that she is literally going round in circles trying to find the entrance to Weronika's Game which is hidden on my website! Well, the only clue I am prepared to give is that one needs to 'search' a little...


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