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Tuesday 31 May 2005

SAD to say, I've had the speaks with my concierge and the upshot of it is that The Black Hornet has to be moved today. C'est dommage. I shall have to continue without its company in my apartement. Talking of which, I must sort out the Emporium. I have problems not tripping over the things at the present moment. I have some photos here somewhere.

Peter has asked about the torque settings and yes, I kneuw that it's not too easy to do even with the correct tool under the fingers. Some nuts just go on and on. It all depends on the quality and age of the metal.  A Solexiste from France has emailed me about the CDI ignition I designed. I may post the details of it in the Electronic Ignition section in due course when I have the time. Time?

Mais quelle horreur! Est-ce que c'est le temps? I must go. I have an important meeting to attend. Quelque chose sur le 2eme juillet..


Monday 30 May 2005

I have received another several dozen emails today including updates from Brian from New York City, US for the History page about the VeloSoleX 4600 sold in the US from 1974 to 1978.

Jean-Claude from Compiegne, France informs me that there will be a celebration of "60 YEARS OF THE VELOSOLEX" at Beauvais. For details, see Events.

I am in the process of creating a Photo Gallery page of reader's Solexes. Hold on to your photos for now. More information soon.


Sunday 29 May 2005

I have received an overwhelming barrage of emails in the last 2 days! Aussi, bienvenue les Solexistes du REZOWEB: Fan de Solex, Mathias92, didu, philou/teamsos and jpballaud91. Merci a tous!

With the information passed to me from fellow Solexiste Brian from New York City, US, I have updated the History page on the three versions of the VeloSoleX 4600 sold in the US from 1974 to 1978. With regard to the US, I have already received an enquiry from Robert from the US asking who will be marketing the "new" VeloSoleX over there! For the moment, I am waiting on information from my French friends and I shall publish it on the "News" page as soon as it arrives.

I should mention that VeloCruz have been added to the Links page and that they are able to supply a range of VeloSoleX spares to Solexistes in the US as well as to the rest of the world. Also the launch of WERONIKA'S VELOSOLEX has been announced on the Solex Owner's of America Yahoo! group forum, which is accessible through the website.

There will be a FREE Bastille Day Rendezvous in New York City on Sunday, July 17th, 2005. For details see Events.

Jean has sent me details of a BIG FREE event taking place on 11 - 12 June 2005 at Parkplatz Kleinaustrasse, WIESBADEN-SCHIERSTEIN, near Mainz, Germany with 2 FREE Solex Trips to "Visit Chateaux" and "Wine-tasting". For details see Events.


Friday 27 May 2005

A BIG welcome to all VeloSoleX S 3800 owners on the launch of my new WEBSITE WERONIKA'S VELOSOLEX where it is hoped you will find many articles of interest to read about this classic French bicycle.

The news from BALLS EMPORIUM this month is that Societe SINBAR - Groupe CIBLE, who repurchased the "SoleX" and "VeloSoleX" trademarks in 2004 from Magneti Marelli Motopropulsion France S.A.S. (subsidiary of FIAT), have agreed with Italian designer Pininfarina and engineering firm Matra to present the prototype of a NEW VERSION of the VeloSoleX S 3800 at the "Mondiale du 2 Roues" exhibition taking place at the Parc des Expositions, Porte de Versailles, Paris on the 1 - 9 October 2005. A press conference will be held in September for the media. More news on 24 June 2005.


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