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THE VeloSoleX S 3800  Data provided here has been derived from many sources and checked by comparison with existing information and by consultation with other VeloSoleX S 3800 engineers.

Much effort has been exerted to keep this information as accurate as possible. In spite of this, there may be times when more accurate data or information becomes available. If this occurs, the website will be updated at the earliest opportunity.

The Port Data provided here was derived from the original VeloSoleX S 3800 information, 2-Stroke tuner's formulae, computer design software and the following books:

  1. "2-Stroke Tuner's Handbook" by Gordon Jennings
  2. "The Basic Design of Two-Stroke Engines" by Dr. Gordon P. Blair
  3. "Design and Simulation of Two-Stroke Engines" by Dr. Gordon P. Blair
  4. "Two-Stroke Tuning" by Eric Gorr


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