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Eliminating 4-Stroking

THE VeloSoleX S 3800  has a Pot-type Exhaust Silencer.

The engine is prone to 4-stroking at high RPM (engine firing on alternate sparks due to an over-rich mixture). To eliminate this 4-stroking, an additional 5.5 mm hole (shown) must be drilled in the bottom of the Exhaust Silencer. To allow the Exhaust Silencer to be returned to normal, tap this additional hole with an M6 Coarse Thread Cutter. To return Exhaust Silencer to normal, fit a short M6 Bolt with Split Washer.

This extra hole is also recommended if you want to provide an Exhaust Oil Drain or if you want to increase the Carburettor Venturi Diameter (see Carburettor section).

Exhaust Hole


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